The business journey is often a messy one. Just when you onboard new clients, some employees are giving you a headache – or the other way around. Many business owners are suffering from overwork and overwhelm by multiple problems flying at them at once.

  • Some owners have trouble delegating or outsourcing. They waste time and feel “busy” because they’re doing it all themselves.
  • Some owners don’t document a repeatable process. They can’t ever manage their time because they’re reinventing the wheel.
  • You lose a big client and stress about replacing the revenue.
  • You gain a new client – a demanding and difficult one. Now the stress piles on!

And just when someone suggests that working with a business coach or consultant might be in order, your initial reaction is that it would be a mistake. Business coaches will give you tasks and hold you accountable; your workload has already maxed you out, so why on earth would you eke out even more time for meetings and sign up for more to-do’s?

Will a Business Coach Save the Day Or Add To Your Workload?

Indeed, working with a coach can initially require you to allocate time and effort when you start the engagement. But your coach’s goal is to alleviate your workload in the long run. Your coach is there to provide guidance, support, and smart strategies to help you manage your business more efficiently. Your coach’s goal is to reduce stress and reclaim your time.

Consider the overall impact on your workload when working with a coach:

  1. Time investment: Engaging a coach means you'll need to set aside time in recurring meetings to discuss and implement strategies. However, it’s time well spent as you will be optimizing your workflow and decision-making, to gain more time in the long term.
  2. Prioritization and focus: with your coach’s help, you’ll clarify your priorities and keep your focus on the next steps that build toward your goal. A business coach is like your turn-by-turn navigation system, guiding time management and resource allocation, to help you streamline your workload and eliminate distractions.
  3. Delegation and team development: An experienced coach will guide you to delegate effectively, which in turn empowers your team and reduces your workload. Coaches are skilled at developing teams, which can ultimately lighten your workload as well.
  4. Viewing your company through a new lens: A business coach walks in with a fresh perspective. Most companies cannot recognize all the factors that contribute to the challenges they’re facing because they’re looking at the situation internally. Bringing in a 3rd party expert will add the outsider’s viewpoint – a set of fresh eyes – that invariably will spot something you and your team naturally overlooked.
  5. Accountability and progress tracking: a trusted advisor will help you set W.H.Y.S.M.A.R.T goals and install an accountability process. This helps you stay focused, motivated, and on track toward your objectives.

How To Start Your Engagement With a Business Coach

Before engaging with the coach of your choice, take the time to openly discuss your concerns about workload and provide a clear, accurate, and detailed picture of how your company is doing, what team issues you’re struggling with, and what challenges you’re working through in customer attainment and retention.

Being open and honest with your coach will get you real results – together you can work on resolving the challenges in front of you so you can finally get to achieve your longer-term goals.

Step off the hamster wheel of fighting challenge after challenge on your own. Let’s discuss how working with me as your coach will bring you relief and results.