Bertha Robinson smiling in a green attire in a professional setting, posing beside text discussing whether a coach or a consultant is needed for business development.

As a business coach who specializes in Leadership Development, I can understand the common misconception that a “coach” and a “consultant” are interchangeable. So if you’re looking to bring on a coach or a consultant into your company, let’s clarify who’s who and what they do.

Consultants are problem solvers. Consultants are brought in for the development of a company. They typically are an expert in a particular field and have a wide area of knowledge in a specific subject. They have had the experience of dealing with the challenge that’s in front of your company.

They eye your organization’s situation objectively and analyze the data to give you insight on what’s not working. Consultants partner with the leadership in your company on how to fix it. Consultants can save their clients time, increase revenue, and maintain resources

Coaches are people developers. They don’t tell their clients what to do; they ask questions. They act as a mirror to help you look inside yourself, so you can not only solve this problem, but maximize your potential in all areas of your life.”

A coach addresses the whole person. A coach works with individuals to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers. They discover blind spots and encourage you to produce action that leads to more fulfillment, more balance, and more effective processes for life or work environment.

Most often, a consultant is brought into a company to maximize profits.

A coach is brought in to maximize people’s potential.

Why Would You Hire a Coach?

Coaches fill a vital need that no one else can meet.

  • Spouses can be good listeners, but unless your spouse is also in a similar business situation as you, they can’t fully understand, empathize or appreciate what you’re dealing with.

  • Friends will listen and give help when they can, but they’re not trained to identify the most significant issues. And they won’t have the time or the commitment to be there for you consistently.

  • Business associates have limited time, and their values and goals may sometimes be in conflict with yours. Many issues are too sensitive to discuss with peers, bosses, and subordinates.

What To Expect From a Relationship With Your Coach

Imagine having someone in your corner who is totally committed to your success; encourages the powerful part of you; sees how big you can be and constantly holds up that big image for you—even when you can’t hold it up for yourself.

You benefit from having someone who focuses on you and helps you clarify your dreams, passions, and values, helps you celebrate your victories, and learn from your setbacks as you press on toward achieving your goals together.

A coach is your “safe” place to express your doubts and fears because they really listen to your words, your emotions, and your energy.

The Impact of Coaching Increases With Time

You’ll gain a trustworthy, confidential relationship with someone who will tell you the truth about where you are strong, and where you sell yourself short. Someone who knows your values and your life purpose, and will help you hold yourself true to them.

As your coach gets to know you and the details of your situation and your personality better, the coach becomes more familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and dreams—and the acts of sabotage that jeopardize those dreams. This professional will accept everything you communicate without judgment, always seeking to draw out the very best in you.

You’ve drawn up your mission, expressed your vision and set substantial goals. How are you expected to complete all of these things and handle unexpected challenges thrown in your path without a professional to support you and keep you focused?

You owe it to yourself and your aspirations to do what is in your power to move forward with strength and confidence. Choosing a professional coach will make a powerful difference in creating outstanding outcomes.