Developing personal leadership is a critical component in bringing today’s youth into society and the workforce as healthy, productive contributors. Rising Stars’ proven process instills these behaviors along with additional return on investment through prevention and reduction of risk behavior.

The purpose of this performance model is three-fold. First, through the successful application of self-leadership skills during their middle school, high school, or early college years, young people will embrace the process and tools enabling them to achieve their goals thereby becoming positive contributors to their community. Second, the alignment of all goals by all shareholders within any organization is critical to create a high performance, sustainable environment. Third, beginning by defining the end result using a variety of pre-determined benchmarks, a positive return on investment can be directly realized.

Critical Issues Covered Within this Process

  • Developing Personal Leadership
  • Keys to a Positive Self-Image
  • Conformity and Choices
  • The Power of Your Attitude
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Learning From Mistakes
  • Making the Most of Your Time
  • Do You Know Your “Self”
  • Human Needs and Motivation
  • Leading Others
  • Communicating with Others
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Continuing Leadership Growth

The Results Are Measurable

  • 40% Grade Point Increase
  • 56% Reduction in School Disciplinary/Truancy Incidents
  • College Attendance Increased from 5% to 75%
  • Effective Communication in Diverse Situations

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"This program is teaching us to be leaders and to communicate with our school peers as well as adults. These skills will help us to become better leaders in the school and community. This leadership class will give me the skills to assist my underclassmen in their high school activities dealing with pressures."
Derrick N., Rising Stars Participant


"This Leadership Program has helped me get through many problems and ... control my anger. This program was very educational, there were high expectations, and it made you take a close look at yourself. As for me, there were things that I used to do that I have learned to change ... for example, to never get frustrated with the goals I am trying to achieve and to keep a positive head no matter what."
Tracy T., Rising Stars Participant