Strategic Thinking is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is and what it does, with a focus on a predetermined future.

Strategic Thinking is the process of determining and envisioning the future to which you aspire and the growth you will have to realize to achieve that future state. It is a management tool which will help an organization do a better job of focusing the energy of its employees, and ensuring that they are all working toward the same goals. It is also a tool used to assess and clarify the organization’s direction and response to changing environments.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to concern yourself with visionary activities, planning, and leading people. As the leader for your business, people will look to you for direction. People will also look to you for coaching, leadership, guidance, support, decisions, and leadership stability. You now must decide what needs to be done to succeed, and then you must do it, and you must do it the right way.

Succeeding in business requires a vision combined with the passion and commitment to pursue that vision. It also requires a willingness to change, to learn, to become, and to take calculated risks … it requires entrepreneurial leadership.

Business owners and leaders today have found that developing a strategy and an implementation plan is far more effective than leaving the future to chance. Furthermore, developing a strategy, a vision, a mission, and a specific plan of action contributes to long-term, sustainable success. If implemented correctly, it will create higher levels of motivation and commitment, and fuel continuously higher levels of achievement from everyone within the organization.


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Case Study

Financial Products

A leading provider of investment risk management services.

The company was in process the of doubling its size over a three year period. Top management wanted to continue growth, but a lack of management training was seen as holding them back.

Following several discussions with senior management, Affiliate proposed and facilitated the Team Leadership process for three new managers in Sales and Marketing. The Management process was then facilitated for seven additional middle managers. Initial engagement also led to three months of Coaching to all of the participants. In addition, Affiliate provided ADVanced Insights Profiles for four new hires.

The Sales department has grown the business by 20% over the past six months based on new client investments under management.