Web Development

Web development firm, founded approximately eleven years ago

The owner wanted to grow the company above the ceiling that seemed to have formed. The owner was looking to increase profit and revenue. She needed to prepare the infrastructure, staff, and resources for growth, which meant she needed to increase the proportion of larger clients and projects while evaluating her product and service offerings. In addition, she felt the need to gain some professional and personal life balance.

A three-month planning process was facilitated with the owner. Upon completion of the plan, ongoing coaching was facilitated to help the client implement the plan.


  • Revenues double year over year
  • Profits increase year over year
  • Consistently increasing average size of clients and projects
  • Brought design, programming, maintenance and support in-house-a full team of dedicated professionals to serve clients’ needs
  • Instituted an active sales program
  • Purchased a business vehicle
  • Initiated 12-month public relations campaign
  • Set a new work schedule for the owner with fewer hours at the office